Greg Finck Photography

Greg Finck Photography


For most events, it is necessary for me to visit the event location at least once. This allows me time to understand the space, confirming that the design represents the very best of the location. 

During this trip, I envision the layout and flow of guest experience. I search local markets, learn about local history and immerse myself in the beauty of what attracted you to the location.  Using those influences, I make suggestions to further highlight the design, enriching the experience of the guests. On site research and meeting with local vendors allows me to determine the logistics necessary for the most beautiful result.  My goal is always to maintain the natural beauty of the location and source as much as I can locally.

The week of the event, I arrive at least three days prior to the first event, allowing me to source locally and manage all vendors during the production process.  As the event is built, I meticulously direct, edit and lead the entire design team, ensuring every single detail is completed pursuant to the vision.  I personally style every decorative element for each event, ensuring perfection.


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