Design Vendors: Defining Roles


I've created a venn diagram to illustrate some preliminary thoughts on wedding design and the roles that various vendors play. I've been discussing this with Holly Carlisle of Rose Golden who started a conversation a few days ago that has created an amazing dialogue in the industry. I thought that creating a visual to communicate and define roles would help us all better understand how important we all are in the design process. 

I've found that many vendors play multiple roles. For instance many planners are also designers, and many floral designers are also event designers. And to give credit where it is due, many photographers and videographers prop style and deserve to be appreciated for that! While I play the role of a creative director, editorial stylist and prop stylist, I have often called myself a designer and stylist because I didn't feel the title was one that most people would understand. My hope is that as an industry we can change that by adopting definitions such as the ones I am presenting.

My takeaway from creating this document is how important each and every vendor is, and how much we all rely on each other for the final product, our clients events and our shared designs. This document is a work in progress and I'll continue to update and ad to it here based on your comments. I'd love to hear your opinion below!