San Ysidro Ranch Wedding


Mandy and Jason chose the iconic San Ysidro Ranch to exchange their vows.  With half of their guests coming from China, it was important to them to choose a location that reflected the best of their home state of California. From its iconic lavender lined driveway to its lush, herb and rose gardens, the Ranch served as the perfect backdrop for the day. Guests were welcomed with passed drinks, as they explored the gardens serenaded by music. After taking their seats in front of a flower filled arch, the bridal party entered, accompanied by the couples dog, Malu. The bride entered accompanied by her parents, carrying a lush garden inspired bouquet in tones of white and green. As the couple was pronounced man and wife, guests threw rose, lavender and rosemary petals from small linen bags. Guests were invited to cocktail hour on an adjoining lawn where they took photos in a photo booth and wandered the gardens before dinner.  Walking through the Old Adobe, one of the oldest structures in the Santa Barbara area, guests found their seating assignments on hung from the beams of the building before entering the reception. Greenery hung from the chandeliers and over the fireplace brought the charm of the gardens into the reception, lit by heavy candle light and a wood fire. Each guest received a box of herb garden flavored truffles, with them name in calligraphy, indicating their seat assignment, The evening began with toasts from both the bride and grooms families before a three course dinner was served. After dinner the couple cut the cake and invited guests to the outdoor patio to dance. The grooms parents who were unable to attend, had recorded a beautiful video that was played as a surprise to the groom, to whom it meant the world. The guests continued to dance under the stars and celebrate the beautiful day.

Photo: Michael Radford | Design & Planning: Joy Proctor Design | Floral: Camellia Floral Design | Paper Goods: Lazaro Press | Calligraphy: Leslee Sipress | Rentals: The Tent Merchant | Linens: La Tavola Linen | Music: Gavin Roy Presents | Venue: San Ysidro Ranch

Chateau Vaux le Vicomte: Editorial


The spirit of magnificent Chateau Vaux le Vicomte is infectious. Setting foot within its expansive grounds, I was overwhelmed with emotion, overcome with the weight of history that I stood amongst.  Known as the "Petit Versaillis," Chateau Vaux le Vicomte is one of the most incredible Chateaus in France. Built with incredible gardens in 1640, it was important to me to pay homage to the history of the location and all who lived here when designing the editorial. 

At the cusp of Spring, I imagined the life of a young girl who might have lived in the Chateau. After the cold of winter, she longed for the day the buds would return to the trees, signaling the beginning to Spring and the rebirth of the garden. Overcome with the constraints of noble life as a young girl, the garden was her escape, and her place to imagine life beyond the Chateau walls. 

At sight of the first bloom, she commissioned a gown made entirely of flowers and planned a party in the gardens to celebrate the arrival of Spring. As an homage to the garden, she chose a floral tapestry for the table and instructed the gardener to grow vines up the chairs; a true dream brought to life. After lunch in the gardens, a concert was set on the North side of the garden. A truly whimsical garden party in French fashion. 

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Photography: Greg Finck | Design & Styling: Joy Proctor | Hair & Makeup: Onorina | Floral: Myrtle et Olive | Stationery: Julie Ha | Gown: Jennifer Giffords | Location: Vaux le Vicomte

An Untold Story: The Designers Contribution

As a designer, I am often asked what it is that I do and what part I had to play in the look of the editorials and weddings that I produce.  In the modern world of social media, the designer or creative director is often left uncredited, without a tangible product like flowers, paper, photo or gown to credit. As the one who conceptualizes the entire design before the clients and vendors know it exists, it's critical to communicate the importance of my role. Without the concepts and visions born in minds of designers, these looks would never be seen by the world and the story would remain untold.

Photo: Elizabeth Messina | Floral: Bows & Arrows | Hair & Makeup: Yeanne & Team 
Photo: Elizabeth Messina | Floral: Bows & Arrows | Hair & Makeup: Yeanne & Team 

This strung jasmine top was a concept I created to be shot in Bali, inspired by the coral edo necklaces worn by Nigerian brides.  Strung jasmine is often worn in the hair of brides in Indonesia, and using it in a new way inspired me. The tiny orchid bindi was a nod to the Hindu religion practiced by the majority of the Balinese population.  Creating concepts that are beautiful but more importantly, meaningful is very important to me.  Sharing the story of the concept is equally as important, giving credit to my sources of inspiration.  I am proud to be a designer. A visionary. A dreamer and creator of dreams.  

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou